Kissaki Raid

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Recommended Loadout:

-[ All Ships ]-

Not much to choose from, yet again, so basically add whatever you want. Add some Energy Cells, and anything else.

When this mission starts you're greeted with 3 enemy ships. This includes the Yamamoto, a battleship along with two corvettes, the Ming and Tenbatsu. Your main objective is to protect the Angelwing.

This mission is fairly easy no matter what you do, unless you do nothing! Start out by taking out the Ming. Use the Attack Hull (F7) command. Make sure all of your ships are selected first (use CTRL+Click to select them all). After the Ming is dead, go after the Tenbatsu. Once it's down, take out the Yamamoto.

Be careful with the Yamamoto. It's a battleship and it's strong. It will take a fair bit of pounding to make it die. Watch out for the Lightning and Madeline as they can't take the same amount of punishment the Stiletto can. Make them run away (F4) if they're getting pounded too hard.

Kill all the ships and the mission is complete!