The Nexus

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We have just the Angelwing in this mission, and no RPs to spend, so we can't add any new equipment. We aren't going to need anything else anyway.

In this area, we're now inside the "Nexus" -- within subspace itself. There's a massive black hole here which we must stay away from. The graphics are absolutely stunning in this mission... pure eyecandy!

Angel will inform us she's going to do battle with the Entity, but she needs our help. The Entity is gathering strength from the 5 wormholes in this area. We must close them so that Angel can defeat the Entity. With that, Angel has outfitted our ship with a Disruptor, which closes wormholes.

We're constantly being sucked into the black hole, so your ship is going to be bouncing around a lot as it tries to keep itself in position. Don't worry too much about this, as long as you follow the exact path I tell you, you will not get sucked in. That is, as long as your engines don't die on ya...

Alright, now, we've got to get on closing these wormholes. You'll see five wormholes (Earth, Chakris, White, Noah, Herlas) and a bunch of Nav Points in between. If you go from Nav to Nav to Gate, you'll be okay and won't get sucked in. I'll give you exact directions.

To use our Disruptor weapon, we need to open up the manual panel (click the hand icon in between the behavior and action buttons to bring it up). If you're familiar with this, bear with me. In here, you see a list of all the stuff on your ship. We're only concerned with the button that says "Disruptor." Left- click it so it flashes, then right-click a wormhole. That's all there is to it.

If you have any fighters/gunboats (you should, I told you to bring some!) select them all and have them guard the Angelwing. Now use the Disruptor on Entity Gate Earth so it closes. Once you are notified that it's closed, right- click the Disruptor button so it stops firing. At this point, one Vardrag ship jumps in with a buttload of squadrons. They're going to go after your engines, but between your Flaks and fighters, you should be okay. Ignore the ship for the moment.

Head to Nav Sol-Chakris, then to Nav Chakris-Sol, then finally to Entity Gate Chakris. On the way, you should get close enough to the Vardrag ship to fire on it. Blow the damn thing to bits. Close Entity Gate Chakris.

Now head to Nav Chakris-White, then Nav White-Chakris and finally to Entity Gate White. Close gate White with the Disruptor.

On to the next. Head to Nav White-Noah, then Nav Noah-White and finally to Entity Gate Noah, and close it.

Finally, the last gate. Head on over to Nav Noah-Herlas, then Nav Herlas-Noah and then finally to the Herlas gate. Close it and...