Arrival to Jupiter

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This mission is basically just to get you used to some of the controls for the game. It's pretty simple. Just follow the directions you are given. At first, none of the action/command buttons are available, but they will slowly become available.

You're told to approach the Sunflower base. There's Nav Point Michelangelo. Right-click it to go to it, or use the Goto button (F2). When you get there, the Sunflower base will show up in the NPC Fleet List (on the right of the screen) and you're told to approach. Right-click the base (or goto, F2) to go to it.

Next, you will be told to stop so that they can deactivate the mine field. Simply hit the Hold Position button (or press the hotkey F3).

After the mines are deactivated, you'll be told to once again approach the Sunflower base. Either right-click the base, or press the Goto (F2) button then right-click the base.

On the way, you'll be told a mine didn't deactivate and you need to get away from it. Press the Run Away! button (F4) and right-click the red mine. Your ship will turn around and run.

Finally, we're told to approach the Sunflower base yet again. Goto (F2) the base and once you get there, it's...