Back To Earth

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Just add another wing of Spark Fighters if you need to, anything else you want. You need a Commando Squad for this mission, so make sure you have one.

You should have a skill point to spend by now. In the fleet screen, select the Angelwing, then Characters. It should say "Skill point available." I recommend you spend it on Engineering, as this will give all your ships more RPs to spend.

After a bunch of dialog, Angel beams herself to Earth. Nearby is a Relay Station. Have your Spark fighters guard the relay. Set the Angelwing to guard the Relay Station, too.

Three ships will then show up on sensors. DO NOT ATTACK THE RAZOR.

Note: If you manage to save the Relay Station one of the ships will destroy it with a red datascanner/death beam. So you will fail the secondary objective. It's a scripted event. Don't worry and move on.

Attack the ships (remember, not the Razor!) until you get some talk about a survivor on the Razor. Send in your Commando squad to rescue the survivors. Once your commandos have returned, blow up all the ships (including the Razor).

You'll then get a distress signal from the Northstar. Have the Angelwing go to the Northstar for some more talking. A shuttle will leave the Northstar and dock with the Angelwing. Now all you have to do is wait for Angel to return.

While you're waiting, some Mechanoids will show up. DO NOT ATTACK. Angel will eventually beam herself back to the Angelwing, and the mission will be complete.

Provided you rescued the survivor on the Razor, and the guys from the Northstar, you'll get a medal for this mission.