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Recommended Loadout


All ships MUST have an Energy Skeeter weapon!

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap out Fusion Engine for an Antimatter Engine, swap 2x Volcano Plasma Gun for 2x Nova Plasma Gun

-[ Brutus ]-

Swap out whatever is in the Energy Skeeter slot... for an Energy Skeeter! Swap 1x Bubble Energy Shell for Delektron Shell, swap Standard ECM System for Torsion ECM System, swap Advanced Sensor Array for Palantir Sensors

-[ Sparta ]-

Energy Skeeter! Swap Advanced Sensor Array for Palantir Sensors, and add whatever else you want.

-[ Avalanche ]-

Energy Skeeter!! Swap out 2x Anti-G Railgun for 2x Nova Plasma Gun, swap 1x Bubble Energy Shell for Delektron Shell

-[ Guardian ]-

ENERGY SKEETER! Swap 2x Bubble Energy Shell for 2x Delektron Shell

-[ Colossus ]-

Add 1x L3 Quark Support Generator, and as many Plasma Cells as you can fit

We have a new addition to the fleet, the massive Support Ship: Colossus! This ship will, like the others before it, be with us for the remainder of the game. The Colossus has a massive Anti-Mechanoid shield, and several weapons, but it is still weak, so you must always keep an eye on it!!

We're tasked with two objectives in this mission: test the Anti-Mechanoid shield that the Colossus has, and kill any Mechanoids here to clear the way for our fleets. Oh, and we have to obviously keep the Colossus alive. Simple enough, eh? Heh...

As soon as we jump in there's a whole mess of Mechanoids floating around. The ones that are bright pink spheres are active, while the rest are not... yet. Select all your ships (except the Colossus) and start blasting the closest Mechanoids with your Energy Skeeters (F9). You've got to be quick about it, as soon as one dies, target the next. Set your shield power to 200% on all ships for a bit of extra help. Make sure your ships do not fire ANY OTHER WEAPONS. Normal weapons fire recharges Mechanoids!!!

After a while, the Colossus will finally bring up the Anti-Mechanoid shield and kill off the rest of the little buggers. At this point, you have a choice to make. You can send the Sparta and Brutus back through the wormhole, as they're the weakest ships and are usually the first to die at the next part. Or you can let them stay and chance it. It's up to you, but I'd have them bail...

Now, the platforms activate. Take them out. Have the Angelwing approach the base here, and Angel will transfer herself over to it. An alien ship leaves the base. There are actually three of these ships here now. THEY HURT. Their weapons ignore shields. They'll randomly pick one of your ships and hammer on it constantly, so keep that ship guarded. The alien ships have no shields, so just pound them. Also, once one goes into the red and becomes inactive, scan it with your data scanner. Just kill off the aliens and...