First Blood

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

2x Bubble Energy Shell, 3x Particle Gatling Gun, 1x Combat Drive, swap one Laser Ring Flak System for a LaserGlobe Flak System, swap one squadron of Spark Fighters for a squadron of Sickle Gunboats

-[ Brutus ]-

1x Deflection Engine, 1x Electron Cell, 1x Bubble Energy Shell, 1x Energy Shell, 1x Sliver Gatling Gun, swap the main Ionstream Engine for a Fusion Engine

-[ Sparta ]-

1x Deflection Engine, 1x Electron Cell, 2x Energy Shell 1x Sliver Gatling Gun, swap Laser Ring Flak System for a LaserGlobe Flak System, swap Ionstream Engine for a Fusion Engine

Finally we have some new ships in our fleet. The Brutus and the Sparta will be with us for the rest of the game (provided you don't get them dead) so take good care of them!

This mission is all about speed. We must act quickly and take down the enemy ships as fast as possible. The main objective here is to protect the support ship, the Colossus.

First, pause the game (spacebar). Now, you'll notice we also have some extra ships under our command. We have the Avalanche (a corvette), and the Quicksilver and Thunder (both frigates). While we're paused take this time to form two groups. Make the Angelwing and Avalanche into one group (use CTRL+Click to select them, then CTRL+1 (or 2,3,4) to assign them a group. I will refer to them as Group 1. Then take your remaining ships (Brutus, Sparta, Quicksilver and Thunder) and assign them to another group. I will refer to them as Group 2. Now you can simply press the number keys (not the numpad) to switch to that group. Also a good idea to put every ships shield power to 200%

You're greeted with several enemy ships here. The Valiant is a battleship, then there are two mid-sized ships (corvettes, I guess) and 4 or so smaller ships (destroyers).

Now, have Group 2 attack the smallest ships first, until they're destroyed. Have Group 1 attack the mid-size Corvettes (or the Battleship if you're feeling ballsy). Once Group 2 has destroyed all the small ships, have them help out Group 1.

After a few moments, the Colossus will bring up the Fortress Shield. This is a massive shield that protects everything within its radius. If ANY enemy ships are INSIDE the Fortress Shield, attack them immediately!

Unfortunately the Gorg have a weapon that can penetrate the Fortress Shield called a Siege Laser. In order to use this, they need a battleship (the Valiant) and two other ships. When the ships enter Siege Formation, you'll be able to tell as the smaller ships will have bluish-white beams connected to the battleship. If there's no battleship or only 2 ships left alive, they can't do the Siege Formation. If they do form into Siege Formation, attack any of the ships in the formation to get it to break apart.

The secondary objective for this mission is to destroy all the Gorg ships. But good luck with that one. I can never seem to kill them fast enough. After a good amount of pounding, the remaining ships use their IP Drives and flee. If you prefer lasers and a more tactical approach, I'm sure you could run around disabling all their IP Drives... either way, don't worry if you can't destroy them all.

As long as you protect the Colossus (and it doesn't die) the mission is complete. Try not to lose any ships!