Locust Queen

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Whatever you want to add, nothing new really...

-[ Brutus ]-

Add 2x L1 Fusion Support Generators, swap the Tactical FireCloud Generator for a Tactical FireStorm Generator

-[ Sparta ]-

Add 1x L1 Fusion Support Generator, 1x Torsion ECM System

-[ Avalanche ]-

Whatever you want, not much can be added at this point.

-[ Guardian ]-

Add 3x Electron Cell

We have a new addition to our Fleet, the Battleship Guardian! Now we're really badass! As with the others, she'll be with us for the remainder of the game, so treat her well!

This mission is actually really easy, for a change. All we have to do is scan the Queen and kill it. Simple, simple, simple!!

The first thing you should do is select all of your ships (CTRL+Left Click). Assign them to a group (CTRL+1). Hit F7 to form them into the Siege Laser Formation and right-click the Locust Queen. Now, select all of your fighter squadrons and tell them to Patrol the Fleet (F8). Your main group of ships should start moving towards the Queen whilst all your fighters start buzzing around the fleet. It helps if you set all your ships shields to 200%, as those damned Locusts can drain shields. Without shields, they'll tear up all your devices, which is bad.

Once your Siege ships get in range, they'll start firing at the Queen. You're going to constantly be attacked by annoying little fighters, but your squadrons and flaks should handle them. PAY ATTENTION TO THE QUEENS HEALTH. Once the Queen goes into the red, have the siege group HOLD POSITION (F3). This will stop them from firing. You know you've done enough damage when Angel says something about you needing the information from the Queen. DO NOT BLOW THE QUEEN UP. Once she goes into the red, all the little ships go away and you stop getting attacked.

Now all you have to do is send the Angelwing in to use its Data Scanner (F10) on the Queen. Once the scan is complete...


You'll get a nice cutscene for your troubles.