Mod and Nexus Mission New Weapons List

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New weapons to nexus: (note: better descriptions)

Weapons classes defined:

  Battery/turret: fighters, bombers, etc
  Light Weapon
  Heavy Weapon
  Siege/Spine mounted

Phaser: Star Trek Mod, Phaser mod(nexus missions, uses a varient)

 Uses a particle beam using exotic particles which turn matter into energy directly. Based on star trek TV series
 Damages: shield, hull, and device
 Energy usage: Low(medium?)
 Weapon class:

Photon Torpedo: Star Trek mod, Phaser mod(nexus missions)

 Matter/anti-matter torpedo
 Damages: shields, hull
 Energy Usage: High to Create
 Weapon class: 

Plasma/Pulsar cannon: Phaser mod(nexus missions), Star Wars(?)

 Fires a compressed plasma energy bolt. Based on the original battlestar galectica.
 Damages: shields, hull
 Energy Usage: High
 Weapon class: