OSEC Encounter

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- The Stiletto must survive
- The Command Ship must survive


- Save the Hawking

When we arrive, we're informed that there's a battle going on and that our friend is here and needs some help. There are three ships in this area, two enemy ships: both Longsword-class cruisers, the Dangerous and the Invulnerable, and our friend, the FSF Hawking.

You can use missiles to attack the enemy ships here, but I STRONGLY suggest you do not. The shockwave will seriously damage the Hawking. Just getting caught in two missile blasts will nearly destroy the ship. So, unless you have no other choice, do not use missiles! Also, I suggest you save them for the next mission where they'll be more useful.

Once you get close enough to the battle, you'll be told the Dangerous has turned towards you. Watch the Hawking and see which ship it is firing at. Usually, it's engaged with the Invulnerable. Attack whichever ship the Hawking is firing on. Use the Attack Hull (F7) command, then right-click the ship. Once you've done enough damage to a ship you should be told the ship is being evacuated and its icon in the NPC Fleet List will be greyed out. Do not waste your time trying to totally destroy a ship. It's considered dead once it's evacuated. Focus on the remaining enemy ship and you'll win the mission.

Kill both ships and it's...