Peace Negotiations

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap out the Standard ECM System for a Torsion ECM System

This mission starts off pretty boring. Blah blah peace talks. And then, as you probably guessed, a whole mess of Gorg ships jump in, and they aren't very friendly.

The main objective here is just to live. Secondary objectives are to protect the Warcry, and destroy all ships. You might end up tearing some hair out over this one. It can be really annoying and the Warcry gets pounded hard.

Sweetwater informs you that 4 Ghost ships escorted us... yay. They can only attack devices, but their lasers do a bit of hull damage. Immediately set all Ghost Ship shields to 200%! Do the same with the Angelwing.

Start with the biggest ships, have all the Ghosts attack the devices on one ship (prioritize weapons only) while the Angelwing pounds on its shields, then hull. Don't forget about Mechanoid Angel either. Use her on a ship with full shields, she'll tear them down and do some decent hull damage, then all you have to do is finish it off.

Rinse and repeat until you either kill them all, or they flee. You can ignore the smallest ships for the most part, even all of them together don't hurt much. Get rid of the biggest ships first, try to deal with the ones pounding the WarCry first.

You can still technically pass this mission even if the Warcry dies, but it helps in a later mission if it's not dead.

Kill all enemies or make them flee and it's...