Phaser Mod: Easy Mode

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Phaser mod: Easy mode

(picture of emp comming)

The nexus game easy skill is far from it. This adds new weapons giving you the advantage. Make nexus challenging, but not too hard. I'm still not happy with name. So, it will likely change again.


  Anti-matter torpedos (everything changes)
  disruptors/phasers (everything changes)

Original weapons:

  Plasma guns
    anti-missile, fighter, and bomber
  EMP Torpedo
     Range EMP pulse: contact, 1-3000km (1-3 distance in game)
     Disables weapon continuous fire
     Disables all devices on the target ships for 30+random(o to 60) seconds
     Ship devices damaged based on range and contact.
     All fighters, missiles, and bombers are damaged by the EMP.
     EMP does some damage to shields, but no emp effect.
     EMP will affect friendly and enemy ships.

Future Items:

     Warp field cloak:  Bends light around the ship. Far more effective than our current tech. Makes firing weapons impossible, nothing can hit you either.
     Gravity particle shields:  Holds a particle field within gravity bubble.