Raptor Genocide

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap out your Hidron Shield for a Layer Shield. Make sure you have two squadrons of fighters and a commando squadron.

Norbank, in his infinite wisdom, is going to show us "how the big boys do battle." All we're supposed to do is keep the ships and fighters in this area busy. Easy enough? Yep.

Start off by attacking the closest ship. Go after the smaller ships first. You have help in this mission so you should be able to take them down fairly quickly. For now, ignore the Unknown Object and the base.

After a bit, Norbank gets his ass handed to him and you get control of the entire fleet. Select all your ships (use CTRL+Click) and finish off any remaining ships. Then go to the base. As you approach the base, the Unknown Object should show up as the Den. Have all ships but the Angelwing attack the Den. It helps greatly if you set everyone to Manual behavior, this way they only do exactly as you tell them, and you won't blow up the base before killing the Den (the Den is a secondary objective).

You'll also be informed you need to scan the Raptor base. While your other ships are attacking the Den, have the Angelwing use its Data Scanner (F10) on the base to scan it. Then, go help finish off the Den. Have all ships use the Run Away (F4) command to flee from the base (so as not to get caught in the shockwave from its explosion). On their way, they should take out the Leaking Reactor. If not, send in all your fighter wings to attack the reactor. Make sure you select it first (so it's flashing).

After the station goes boom...