Raptor Raid

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

2x Energy Shell, 2x Sliver Gatling Gun, 1x Uranium Gatling Gun, 2x Laser Ring Flak System, 2x Electron Cells, 2x Spark Fighters and add an additional L2 Fusion Support Generator

Finally we get some new weapons to play with. Because we now have shields, we have access to the Energy Shell anti-shield weapons. Good stuff. You're going to need them for this mission. Also, adding the extra L2 Fusion Support Generator will give us some extra power we can divert to the weapons (you should have a total of 2 L2's mounted now). We're going to need that energy, too.

We start off escorting a convoy before we're ripped out of deep space. It seems an attack is imminent!

The main objective here is to survive for 10 minutes, while the secondary objective is to protect all of the transports (if one dies, you fail the secondary). You should try to save all the transports, however you can still complete the mission if some die.

At first, this mission may seem overwhelming. Here's a hint, just ignore the cries for help. Half the time they aren't even getting hit, but they're whining to you for help.

The only real strategy here is kill everything you see. Great strategy, eh? Actually, you'll make your life easier if you team up with the Chrome and fire at whatever it is firing at. You can't control the Chrome, but pay attention to what it's doing.

I strongly recommend you set your weapon power to 200% (use the power management panel above the behavior buttons). This will allow you to fire all of your weapons at once. Leave the behavior set to Aggressive, too. After you knock shields down and then attack hulls, the ship will automatically target the closest ship and attack with the Energy Shells. This way you end up attacking two ships simultaneously.

First, if the enemy has shields, you're going to need to use the Attack Shields (F5) command. This will have your ship fire its Energy Shells and pound the enemies shields. After the shields drop, you can then use Attack Hull (F7) to finish the ship off.

At this point, getting the shields down is going to be slow going, but with 2 Sliver GGs and a Uranium GG, the hulls will go down quicker. Also, if you fire at whatever the Chrome is firing at, the shields will go down much quicker.

So get attacking. Focus on one ship at a time and take them down. Don't attack the carrier, the Annihilator, until every other ship has been destroyed. The Annihilator has several squadrons, so be prepared to send yours out to counter them.

You know when you're doing things right when you notice that you're getting attacked by lots of ships. Don't worry too much unless your shields are dropping quick, if so, return Weapons to normal power and boost the shields to 200%.

Kill all the small ships and beat up on the Annihilator and...