Saving the Scout

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap remaining Laser Ring Flak System for a Laser Globe Flak System

-[ Brutus & Sparta ]-

Swap Sliver Gatling Gun for a Particle Gatling Gun and add a squadron or two of Spark Fighters, if you can.

This is another mission about speed. We have to be very quick about what we do and hopefully distract the enemies enough to complete our objectives.

First, our main objective is to save the scout ship. This ship is having some sort of problem, and can't cloak itself properly. So from time to time, it appears (and can be shot at, which is bad!) then disappears again.

Once again, pause the game first. Set all ships engines to 200%. We need the speed right now. Make the Sparta and Brutus into a group (CTRL+Click then CTRL+1 or 2/3/4). Have them attack the shields of the nearest ship. By the time you get there, their shields will be up.

Now, we also have to find the ship with the IP Blocker. This is the Angelwings job. Make sure her engines are set to 200%, and use the Data Scanner on the closest ship. You absolutely have to pay attention while scanning (click the ship being scanned so you can see the progress). You know you found the right ship when it has a Secret bar in its portrait up top. If the ship doesn't have a Secret bar, you can just pick another ship to scan instead.

The Archer usually has the IP Blocker. I say usually, because it can be on different ships. To be quick, you should always scan the Archer first.

Once you've found the ship with the IP Blocker (it'll appear under the Support tab in the Device list up top), click the IP Blocker so that it's flashing, then have the Sparta Attack Devices (F6) on that ship. You should also have a wing of Sickle Gunboats, have them attack the ship as well.

      • NOTE: The IP Blocker can change ships if you restart the mission! If it was

on say, the Archer one time, it might not be on the next restart, so you still have to scan all the ships (until you find the right one, of course)!

Destroy the remaining ships, but DO NOT destroy the ship with the IP Blocker until you have disabled the IP Blocker. If the Sparta and the Gunboats can't disable the IP Blocker, have all ships attack its shields, then send in ALL your Spark Fighter squadrons. With the shields down, they'll have no trouble blasting the IP Blocker to bits.

After the IP Blocker is down, you'll get thanked from the Scout ship, and it will flee the scene. You'll then be asked if you want to stay and mop up the remaining Gorg (if you haven't killed them all already). Say Yes to stay, and blow up the remaining Gorgs.