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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

2x SpaceTech Laser Guns, 2x Uranium Gatling Guns, anything else you can fit.

In this mission, we're greeted with a chance to play with our newly... uh, appropriated ship. Right now, we don't know a whole lot about it, so it's only working at half capacity. Some nice things to note about the Angelwing is: it regenerates its hull, has shields, has an IP drive and more goodies which we'll find out about later!

So our mission now is to scan the 3 objects in this area: a wormhole, an artificial object and the Shukenja base. To scan, use the Data Scanner (F10) button. Your ship will approach the object and scan it. It's also handy to click the object you're scanning so you can see the progress.

Scan the wormhole first, then the artificial object, then the base. While scanning the artificial object, you'll be told the object appears to be absorbing your scans, and asked if you wish to continue. Say Yes to continue. You must wait until each object has been completely scanned before scanning the next.

You'll get a cutscene. Now attack the few (I think 3) platforms in this area, with the Attack Hull (F7) command and destroy them. Once that's done, click the Use Wormhole button and then right-click the wormhole to leave the system.

For winning, you get a nice cutscene!


-[ Submitted by Vapor ]-

Before scanning the base destroy the 3 platforms, it still completes the objective. Then use the 4 min that the alien AI gives you to datascan the alien artifact again after it starts attacking you, it will give you another secret.