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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap your Layer Shield for a Jamming Shield, swap 1x Electron Cell for 1x Plasma Cell

For this mission, we only have the Angelwing. We also have the ability to cloak now for short periods of time (5 minutes). There is one drawback, and that is after every 5 minutes of cloak, we must de-cloak for 30 seconds for the cloak to recharge. We have a total of 30 minutes to complete this mission.

This mission is all about stealth. Don't worry, if you hate stealth, it's not that bad at all, trust me. If you like stealth, well then, have fun!

Some things to note while we're cloaked. We're not totally undetectable. If we get too close to an enemy ship, they'll detect us and it's mission failed. If we de-cloak within the line of sight of one of the sensors, the base or an enemy ship, they'll spot us and it's mission failed. While cloaked, we use our newly installed Stealth Drive. This drive is virtually undetectable, however it's very slow. Finally, while cloaked, we have no shields.

With all that out of the way, we can start. If you really like stealth missions, this one is somewhat simplistic, but you can have fun with it. I'm going to tell you the one route I know that works perfectly. There are several routes you can take to the base, feel free to experiment, if you wish.

As soon as you have control, have the Angelwing go to Nav 0. When you get close to Nav 0, Miss... ahem, Commander Sweetwater will inform us she has some detailed information on this area, and a bunch of Nav points and other crap will show up. Now quickly head directly to Nav Point 3.

Angel should tell you that Asteroid #3 has lots of radiation and it's perfect cover. Well she's right, and that's why we're going there. Once you get in range you will be informed that you've entered the radiation field and your cloak will automatically drop. This is okay, we're in the radiation field and we can't be spotted. The cloak timer will now count down from 30 seconds, this is the recharge time. When time timer has 15 seconds left, move to Nav Point 7. Once you clear the radiation, you will re-cloak automatically.

Once you're close enough to Nav Point 7, your cloak will drop again. Wait until the timer has 15 seconds left, then move to the Theta Base. As soon as the cloak comes back up, set your engine power to 200%.

Now pay attention to the dialog! When you are told you're close enough to the base hit the Hold Position button (F3)! If you get too close, the base will detect you and it's mission failed!! Once you hold position, select your commandos and send them at the base. You should have about 1:50 left on the cloak timer. When the commandos get to the base, the timer disappears and you get a cutscene.

Heh heh. Ships go BOOM! Heh. Er.. right okay but there's some left. Great. Oh wait, what's that? Some Ghost ships were here?! Damn that Sweetwater...

Now, set engines back to normal power and set your shields to 200%. The Ghost ships only have anti-device weapons, but their weapons will also do some hull damage. Start with the smaller or weakest ships and pound them to oblivion. Once they're all dead...