The Chance

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- Deploy a Commando unit to the Shukenja

We must now infiltrate the Shukenja base. Our sensors aren't working so good right now, so all we have to go by is some Search Points.

Goto (F2) Search Point 1. After you get some chat and the Search Point vanishes, head to Search Point 2. On your way, two things will happen. You'll detect a platform, and a frigate the Ashigaru. Use missiles on the platform (F8) to blow it up, then head to the Ashigaru and deploy your commandos to it.


- Destroy all platforms
- Send a Commando unit to the Ashigaru

Once you've rescued the survivor, he'll give you the coordinates for all the platforms. There are two types, Outer and Inner. The Inner platforms attack fighters, while the Outer ones attack us. Stay away from them for now, cause they hurt.


- Obtain the platform deactivation codes

You'll also be informed about a weak point in the defense grid. We should go to it. The Weak Point is a Nav listed in the NPC Fleet list. Goto (F2) it, and on the way we'll detect the cruiser Bushi. Goto (F2) the Bushi and when you get close, deploy your commandos to it.

Now you'll deactivate the platforms for a short time, and your commandos automatically head for the Shukenja base. Start attacking the Outer platforms. Use your missiles until they're gone, then just use your regular weapons. When you get close to the base, kill off all the Inner platforms. Don't let your Commandos leave the station until we've killed all the platforms, otherwise you'll fail one of the secondary objectives.

Also, don't destroy all the Outer platforms until you've taken care of all the Inner ones. Destroy the remaining Outer platforms and...