The Chase

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Add 1 Sliver Gatling Gun (replace the Uranium GG), a Sensor Array and a Commando Squad.

We must first disable the engines of the Fat Lady. Select the Fat Lady, and click the Fusion and Secondary Fusion Engines device button (in the device view at the top of the screen) so they're flashing. Then select your Praetorian Gunboats and right-click the Fat Lady so they attack the engines. Then, have the Angelwing goto the Fat Lady (F2).

On the way 3 Raptor ships will appear on sensors. Set your shield power to 200% (use the power management window above the behavior buttons), and attack the closest ship. Remember, shields first (F5) then hull (F7). Once one of the Raptors are down, you can set the shields to normal power, and pump your weapons to 200% to kill quicker.

Make sure the Angelwing doesn't attack the Fat Lady! If it is, click the Manual Mode behavior button (not the hand icon).

After all the Raptors are down, you'll get a cutscene when Norbank jumps in. He'll tear up the remaining Raptors, then...