The Fall Of Vardrags

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap 2x LaserGlobe Flak System for 2x LaserNet Flak System, swap your Jamming Shield for an Integrity Shield

-[ Brutus ]-

Swap Jamming Shield for Integrity Shield, LaserGlobe Flak System for a LaserNet Flak System

-[ Sparta ]-

Swap LaserGlobe Flak System for a LaserNet Flak System

-[ Avalanche ]- Swap Jamming Shield for an Integrity Shield, Advanced Sensors for Palantir Sensors

-[ Guardian ]- Swap the Overload Energy Bomb for a Bubble Energy Shell, Crisis Energy Torpedo for a Volcano Plasma Gun, add 1x L3 Quark Support Generator

Despite the chaos in this mission, this is actually a pretty easy mission. All we have to do is scan the Entity and the Unknown Entry, and survive. It's actually easy.

First, Angelwing to 200% shield power, then she scans the Entity first, followed by the Unknown Entry. Usually one stray Mechanoid follows you around and harasses you. Just use the Energy Skeeter (F9) on it to make it die.

On your way or during your scans, you'll be told the Sunrider has admiral what's-his-face on it, and you need to save him. Take all your ships, minus the Angelwing of course, and have them Guard (F11) the Sunrider. Easy as that.

After you're done scanning, you'll be informed you can leave. Just use your IP Drives (F12) and bail.