The Fight For Earth

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-[ Angelwing ]-

You need some hull damaging weapons. If you've followed my suggestions, you have them, otherwise add some Nova Plasma Guns or Anti-G Railguns. You should also have two wings of Flash Fighters, or a wing of Flash Fighters and a wing of Sycthe Gunboats. (Note: Do NOT use the squadrons in this mission, we need them for the next mission!). Swap Advanced Sensors for Palantir Sensors.

-[ Brutus ]-

Swap Energy Skeeter for Delektron Shell.

-[ Sparta ]-

Swap Jamming Shield for Integrity Shield, Energy Skeeter for Delektron Shell.

-[ Avalanche ]-

Swap 2x LaserGlobe Flak System for 2x LaserNet Flak System.

-[ Guardian ]-

Swap 2x Magma Plasma Gun for 2x Nova Plasma Gun.

-[ Colossus ]-

Swap Crisis Energy Torpedo for 1x Volcano Plasma Gun, Pulsar Missile for 1x Volcano Plasma Gun, Eliminator Torpedo for Anti-G Railgun, Battle FireCloud Generator for Battle FireStorm Generator.

-[ Sceptre ]- Make the weapons loadout the following: 2x Anti-G Railgun, 2x Bubble Energy Shell, 2x Volcano Plasma Gun. Swap Layer Shield for Integrity Shield.

-[ Crystal ]- Make the weapons loadout the following: 4x Volcano Plasma Gun, 4x Bubble Energy Shell.

-[ ALL SHIPS ]- If you have extra RPs on any ships, add Fighter Squadrons or Gunboats. The weapons take priority here, so make sure you have all my above loadouts first. Just spend extras RPs Fighters, it'll help. They're not necessary, just helpful, so don't freak if you can't add any.

We've got two new ships to our fleet, the missile cruiser Scepter and the light battleship Crystal!

First, let me talk about the loadout. Why did I switch out missiles and bombs for shield busters and plasma guns? Simple. We're going to face a somewhat overwhelming force here. We need brute firepower. Missiles, torpedoes and bombs are nice, but friendly ships can be caught in the blast. We're going to have our ships relatively close together (and in close proximity of the enemy) so collateral damage has to be minimized. Second, when new enemy reinforcements arrive, their shields will be down. You notice we have a ton of plasma guns, yes? They do immense hull damage, and with 10 or so firing at once, any ship without shields is killed very quickly. Plus, we have 10 or so shield busters, so any ship with shields won't have them for very long!

The time has come for us to take our home back from these vile invaders! This is going to be a tough battle, but we either succeed, or die trying!!

Okay, I tried... pep talk over. This mission is absolutely insane. There's going to be a ton of stuff blowing a ton of other stuff up. It's chaos beyond what we're used to. What I'd really like to know is... where the hell is everyone else? Did you see the massive fleet that was leaving to come here? WHERE ARE THEY? Why is it just us?!?!! Ah well, it's more fun that way I guess.

Alright let's cut to the chase. Our objectives are:

-> Get Angel to a Relay Station so she can transmit herself to Earth -> The Angelwing MUST survive -> The Colossus MUST survive

This is definitely another one of those multiple-restart-and-curse-everything missions. There is no easy way to beat this mission. The only thing I can tell you is for one, you must protect the Colossus or it's mission failed. Also, the only strategy here is to DESTROY EVERYTHING. As quickly as possible. All enemy reinforcements come through the Entity Wormhole (more on that later) and when they arrive, their shields are down. This is important. We're going to move our ships close to the wormhole and set up a blockade. Whenever new ships jump in, you must absolutely try to kill the biggest off first and as quickly as possible. Since their shields are down, this should be somewhat easier.

Let's talk about the enemy forces you're going to encounter. There's a total of five fleets you're going to have to deal with, one consisting of 8 Earth ships is already here (they have no shields). Then, the following arrive:

-> Gorg Fleet (1 Battleship and some other ships)

-> Noah Fleet (6 Missile Cruisers)

-> Gorg Fleet (2 Battleships and more)

-> Vardrag Fleet (3 ships)

You get reinforcements in this mission. The Warcry jumps in right after the first Gorg fleet does. Bring it up to the front lines and make use of it. It's extremely slow though, so it probably won't make it until the Noah fleet arrives. Also, depending on how badly you're getting beat up, you'll get a Vardrag ship under your control and other reinforcements.

First things first, we need to get Angel to Earth. Relay Station Delta is our best bet, but it's pretty far away. Set the Angelwings engines to 200% and have it head for Delta. Once Angel has been transmitted to Earth, the relay stations are no longer needed. It does not matter if they get destroyed.

Take your remaining ships (leave the Colossus where it is) and move them towards the Entity Wormhole. DO NOT LET THEM GET TOO CLOSE. If they get too close to it, (like 3k or less I think) they'll get sucked in, and you can't use them anymore. That's bad. Stop them about 8k away from it, and leave them there on aggressive. Keep an eye on them and power up shields or weapons as needed. All enemy ships come through the wormhole.

Once the Angelwing gets Angel to Earth, have the Angelwing start mopping up the infected Earth ships around here. There's 8 of them, remember, but they have no shields and the Angelwing should have no problems taking them out. Once you've blown them all to bits, have the Angelwing rejoin your main fleet, but remember not to let it get sucked into the wormhole.

Now, with your main group of ships, it helps to set weapons to 200%, because you seriously need all the firepower you can muster. You must ALWAYS take out the biggest ships first, from the earliest wave. So that means, battleships first. Then cruisers, and really...screw the gunboats. They're just annoying. REMEMBER. BIGGEST SHIPS FIRST.

Now once Angel gets to Earth, a Gorg fleet will jump in, try to take out the battleships before shields come up. Pound them down, ignoring the smaller ships for now.

Soon, 6 Noah battleships will jump in. You have to take these guys down quick, they have energy torpedoes (knock shields down, bad) and they also have a huge flash and blast radius, which gets annoying quickly. If you have any squadrons, pause the game first. Select each squadron from each ship and have it guard its mothership. They'll help you shoot down the energy torpedoes, which is always a plus. The Colossus has several squadrons, assign them to guard your ships that are in battle.

After half of the Noah fleet is dead, another Gorg fleet jumps in with two battleships and some other ships. Finish off the Noah ships before turning on the Gorg battleships. Pound them down. Once that fleet is half dead, a Vardrag fleet will warp in consisting of 3 ships. Once the Gorg battleships are dead, screw everything else and focus on the Vardrag ships. They are powerful and they hurt a bunch, so prioritize them.

Survive all the ships, and the Entity will flee... and it's...


NOTES (and spoilers!): It's okay if you lose ships on this mission. Well, aside from the Angelwing and Colossus. Lose too many and you'll die, but one or two is no big deal. Why? You don't get to use your fleet anymore after this...


-[ Submitted by Michael "Snowman" Keith <snwmnx(at)yahoo(dot)com> ]-

Just keep in mind, I stuck to YOUR loadout when possible, taking these changes as priority: Sceptor: Using this as an artillary fighter Added a Bing Bang missle 2 eleminator torpedo's 1 Rad Energy bomb crystal cell plasma cell

That takes up all of the RP I had. For other people, they may not be able to pull the last plasma cell. Keep all ranged weaponary already on the sceptor there, removing only the gatling guns and lasers or that sort of weaponary.

Avalanche-Using this as an artillary fighter.

2 Eliminator Torpedo Big Bang Missle Rad Energy Bomb

Brutus Heavy weapon I added Tremor Torpedo

Sparta Heavy weapon I added Tremor Torpedo

Crystal-It already has so much on there as torpedo's, I decided to let this one deal out as much damage as it could, since RP are limited here. Loadout for weapons looks like: Eliminator Torpedo


Default weapon


Tremor Torpedo


All in all, I dont recall what I added, but I know in the end I wanted 3 elim torpedo, 2 tremor torpedo, and 3 of them were left as they came. The weapons looked exactly as I listed above, in order, from top to bottom.

All other ships I left the same, and if I had ANY RP left I went for what out of your config I could. You had played it more than me, figured you knew what you were talking about.  :)

Using this loadout, it is IMPERITIVE that you keep your main force around at LEAST 8k from the wormhole, and I kept my missle boats back 10k, so my battleships could take the biggest beating. Don't forget to turn missles / torpedo's "on" on the ship options, or you will regret doing it this way.  :) After that, set them all to Focus Behavior, and attack the big ones first. Your blast radius is just so massive that you eat up the little ones as you go. Attacking one noah ship should take them all out. Also, you may want to alternate which missle boat fires, as you do have a limited number of missles / torpedo's, and you DON'T wanna run out, lol. I did run out myself, and still won. I had to fall back and meet reinforcments half way, while I was running I sent EVERY fighter / bomber / gunboat I had to attack the vardrag shields. I didn't bother with the weapons, just the shields. I was able to take them all down, and still had fighters left over to harrass the left over Gorg. I have yet to play this mission without some gorg cruisers surviving and pecking at the collosus. Don't forget about it...