The Locust

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap 1x Particle Gatling Gun for 1x Volcano Plasma Gun, Swap 1x L2 Fusion Support Generator for 1x L2 Quark Support Generator, Swap your Commandos out for Cyborg Commandos, add 1x Flash Fighter

-[ Brutus ]-

Swap your Sec. Ionstream Engine for a Sec. Fusion Engine, swap Sensor Array for an Advanced Sensor Array, add Standard ECM System

-[ Sparta ]-

Swap Sensor Array for an Advanced Sensor Array, swap your Sec. Ionstream Engine for a Sec. Fusion Engine

-[ Avalanche ]-

Swap your Layer Shield for a Jamming Shiekd, add a L2 Quark Support Generator and a LaserGlobe Flak System


You need fighters in this mission, so make sure you have them! Take fighters over some (or all) of my load out suggestions! Flak Systems are important, too. Make sure all ships have Flak systems, try to have LaserGlobe Flaks on every ship! Fighters and Flaks are more important than anything else I listed!!!

This mission is pretty simple, but it can be rough as the enemy has some very nasty fighters of its own. First thing to do is select all your fighters and gunboats (CTRL+Click) then press the Patrol Fleet (F8) button. Now all your fighters will patrol around all your ships and protect them as best they can.

Take your fleet ships and move them towards the Mechanoid. Have the Angelwing use its Data Scanner (F10) on the Mechanoid for some talk.

Two things you must be aware of: the enemy fighters can drain shields and their weapons do massive damage to devices. So, to make things easier, boost every ships shields to 200%. This will hopefully keep your shields from dropping and allowing your ship to get pounded with nasty weapons.

Basically, all you have to do here is survive. With 4 ships (all should have LaserGlobe Flaks by now) and a bunch of fighters (I had 8 wings of fighters and 1 wing of gunboats at this point), you should have absolutely no troubles. If a ship is getting pounded, make sure you check the Repair panel and if the flak systems are getting damaged, assign priority (just click it) to fix them.

After that, you'll get a short but cool cutscene showcasing one of the Angelwings, uh... features. Then it's...