The Mechanoid

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap 1x Particle Gatling Gun for 1x Volcano Plasma Gun, swap Weapon Energy Generator for a Combat FireStorm Generator, swap one L2 Fusion Support Generator for a L2 Quark Support Generator, add 1x Flash Fighters (remove a squadron if you have to).

-[ Brutus ]-

Swap Laser Ring Flak System for LaserGlobe Flak System, swap Layer Shield for a Jamming Shield, swap 1x Electron Cell for a Plasma Cell

-[ Sparta ]-

Swap Layer Shield for a Jamming Shield, add a L1 Quark Support Generator, swap 1x Electron Cell for a Plasma Cell

-[ Avalanche ]-

Swap both Eliminator Torpedos for 2x Particle Gatling Gun, add 1x Flash Fighter, 1x Spark Fighter, 1x L2 Fusion Support Generator, 1x Electron Cell

We have a new addition to our fleet, the heavy cruiser Avalanche. She'll be with us for the remainder of the game (provided you don't make it dead!) so treat her good!

Once you have control, have all your ships move towards the Mechanoid. Have the Angelwing use the Data Scanner on the Mechanoid. After a bit of talk, Angel beams herself over to the Mechanoid and proceeds to go mental on you. Don't worry, just wait it out.

Or... maybe you should worry, 'cause a whole buttload of Gorg ships just jumped in! Just as your about to poop yourself, Angel comes back to her normal self and tells you she'll help. So start attacking. I recommend you go after the Battleship first.

While you're battling, Angel will do various things to the enemy ships, which are: disable engines or shields, make it engage its IP Drive, or turn control of the ship over to you for a very short time. Use this to your advantage. If she drops shields, attack that ships hull. If she turns it over to your control, use it to attack!

After a while, Angel will lose control of the Mechanoid and it will help you blow up the remaining Gorg ships, then it leaves.

After everything is destroyed...



-[ Submitted by Pearce ]-

You can get this wrong very very easily. You need to keep your distance (and that of the battle) from the Mechanoid or it gets enough energy from the ship emissions in combat to activate earlier than desired. Angel returns early as well. It then attacks your ship and kills you in a heartbeat. Attack the Gorgs early. I found I was being reamed because I was letting the Gorgs come to me, which meant they got to the mechanoid body at weapons range and the battle took place in close proximity to the mechanoid.

[Ed. Note: While I've never had any problems with this mission on any of the difficulties, it seems at least one person wasn't so lucky. According to Pearce, this mission went to hell in a handbasket for him rather quickly. He gives some sound advice, so if my strategy doesn't work, give this a shot.]