The Ronin

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We must intercept the Kissaki cargo freighter, The Ronin. When you have control, Goto (F2) Nav Point 1. As soon as an Unknown Object appears, Goto (F2) that. Once the Ronin shows up, Goto (F2) it.

Now we've got to "give them a warning." So, use the Attack Hull (F7) action, then right-click the Ronin to attack it. After a while, they'll surrender. Hit the Hold Position (F3) button.

You're then informed the Ronin has a Flak system (anti-fighter weapons) which we need to destroy. Click the Ronin, then up at the top of the screen in the Devices list, click the Weapons tab, then click the Flak PL button so it's flashing. Now use the Attack Devices (F6) command on the Ronin to destroy the Flak cannon.

After you destroy the Flak guns, the Ronin will launch its fighter wing at you. Select your fighters, then right-click the Ronin's fighter squadron. Your boys will take down the enemy fighters, then it's safe for you to launch your Commandos.

Select your Commandos, then right-click the Ronin to deploy them. After some chat, it's...