The Siege of Avalon

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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Swap the remaining Particle Gatling Gun for a Bubble Energy Shell, swap SpaceTech ECM System for a Standard ECM System, add 1x Sickle Gunboats (replace a squadron if you have to)

-[ Brutus ]-

Swap Main Fusion Engine for Lightrider engine

-[ Sparta ]-

Swap Main Fusion Engine for Lightrider engine, swap 1x Electron Cell for 1x Plasma Cell

-[ Avalanche ]-

Add 1x Electron Cell, swap 1x L2 Fusion Support Generator for 1x L2 Quark Support Generator, swap Combat FireCloud Generator for a Combat FireStorm Generator

One cool thing to note that I didn't even notice until this play through (which is #6 btw)... after the Angelwing absorbed the Mechanoid, it now can transfer the power from weapons fired on it into Support energy. I never knew that... it's not as efficient as the Mechanoid, but definitely a nice feature when shields drop!

In this mission, we're tasked with the protection of a large space fortress, the Avalon. We have only these four ships, and a whole mess of Gorg jump in. The main objective is, obviously, for the Avalon to survive. The secondary objective is to destroy all Gorg ships.

There are two Gorg battleships, the Power and the Domination. We need to take these guys out first. Otherwise, they're going to form up into two Siege Lasers and... that's bad. Angel now has the ability to transform into a Mechanoid at will, and she cannot be killed while she's a Mechanoid. This is good, however, to "launch" her, we need at least 80% support power. So, for the Angelwing, don't overpower any systems.

Split your ships into two groups. Angelwing and Avalanche into one group, while the Sparta and Brutus make up the other. Set the Angelwing group to attack the closest battleship, and have Sparta and Brutus guard them for the time being. Once you're pretty close (13k or so away) launch Mechanoid Angel at the battle ship you're attacking. Once she starts attacking, have all ships attack the hull of that battleship. You should take one down fairly quickly.

After one battleship goes down, target the next one with your shield busters and beat it down. If your support power recharges enough to launch Angel again, use her!! If you can't launch her, her little pink mechanoid body will be slightly darker (i.e.: grayed out). When the shields go down, bust its hull to bits.

You can also not worry about the battleships, and go after the Destroyers first. If there aren't enough ships, they can't use their Siege Laser. There has to be a battleship plus at least two other ships to make a Siege Laser Formation. You can disrupt the formation, too, by attacking any of the ships in the formation. If you need to buy some time, just start throwing shots at any of the ships in the formation.

I'd definitely recommend you at least kill one battleship. Between Mechanoid Angel and the Angelwing and Avalanche, you should be able to destroy one rather quickly.

Start taking out the rest of the ships going from biggest to smallest. After a while, the Gorgs will retreat. If you're speedy enough, you'll kill them all before they can retreat. Good luck with that, the bastards always run away from me.

Once you destroy them or they flee: