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APPROX 5000 YEARS AGO - Artificial Gods

The Creators built Artificial Intelligences possessing evolution algorithms, which soon broke loose and developed into artificial gods. They started transforming the galaxy according to their own needs, and created the wormhole-network as a marginal effect.

APPROX 4500 YEARS AGO - Vardrag Confederation

Thanks to the wormhole-network spanning the galaxy, the Vardrag Confederation is established and it starts expanding.

APPROX 3900 YEARS AGO - Gorg Empire

The Gorgs discover the space-net as well and start using it. They conquer lesser developed races one after another. The Gorg Empire is formed.

APPROX 2000 YEARS AGO - Creators' Plan

A small group of the Creators reach the Earth through a wormhole created by their spaceship. They start their last grand plan: to stop the artificial gods...

APPROX 600 YEARS AGO - Gorg expansion

The Vardrag Confederation and the Gorg Empire meet. Although the Gorgs are technologically lesser developed, they still attack the Vardrags. After a few lost battles the unified fleet of the Vardrag Confederation stops the Gorg advancement. A fragile peace treaty is signed; the Gorgs give up on their conquest of the Confederation.

Year 1652 - Death of the Creators

The last Creator perishes, but the Plan is going ahead well.

Year 1865 - Science Fiction

Jules Verne writes his famous novel about traveling to the Moon.

Year 1961 - Space travel

The first man in space.

1969.07.20 - Moon walk

The first man on the Moon.

Year 1998 - International Space Station

The first module of the International Space Station is sent into orbit.

Year 2010 - Internet2

The 2nd generation internet backbone is established.

Year 2013 - Private Space Station

The first private space station is sent into orbit. The station was technically launched by an African country that did not sign the UNISPACE treaty - in reality it is owned by a giant corporation.

Year 2018 - Artificial Intelligence

The first AI came into life.

Year 2025 - Orbital colonies

The first orbital colony is opened.

Year 2031 - Tycho Colony

The ISA (International Space Agency) builds the first Moon colony.

Year 2033 - Richard Cromwell

The first person outside of the Earth, Richard Cromwell, is born.

Year 2034 - Zurich Orbital Convention

The liberalization of spatial economic activities (mining, energy production, manufacture).

Year 2035 - Douglas case

The first murder in space.

Year 2035-2038 - AI wars

The AI wars, the collapse of Internet2.

Year 2038 - AI Prohibition

AI's are banned - Internet3 is restructured.

Year 2039 - Orbital Limited

The first company registered in space, Orbital Limited, is established.

Year 2040 - Orbital War

The armed conflict between the world's leading private space research companies, remembered only as the Orbital War.

Year 2043 - Sector Earth Convention

The Sector Earth (SE) Convention introduces the fleet quote within the inner regions of the Solar System and announces a ban on armament, while it excludes the outer Solar System from the effect of the UNISPACE treaties. The document is symbolically signed by the first person born in space, namely Richard Cromwell.

Year 2054-2061 - Belt Incident

The 'top secret' corporate laboratories are built in the asteroid belt, conducting activities classified illegal on Earth.

Year 2062 - Mars Colony

The OSEC establishes its first Mars colony, to be followed by the facilities of other leading space research enterprises.

2067.06.16 - Marcus Cromwell

Marcus Cromwell is born.

2067.09.03 - Mars Wormhole

Humankind discovers the first micro-wormhole in the vicinity of Mars.

2077.03.01 - Noah Catastrophe

The ISA forces a desperate attempt to lead space research, and it launches Noah's Ark through the wormhole, with 500 hibernated settlers and a million-unit gene pool on board. According to the analysts, the spectacular experiment is 50 years ahead of its time, and it ends up in an even more spectacular catastrophe.

Year 2077-2088 - Wormhole System

The collapse of the wormhole disturbs the orderly world of an artificial god. The god designs an algorithm to fix the damage; it needs only a few years of activity to crush the Vardrag Confederation and the Gorg Empire. However, once it finishes its task, it breaks loose and gains its own power: the Entity is formed.

2079.10.07 - First Contact

First contact with the Vardrag Empire

2080.04.01 - Confederate Fleet

To protect the integrity of Earth Sector, the ISA establishes its military organization: the Confederate Fleet.

2082.02.23 - Battle of Scoratus

The Gorgs once again declare war on the Vardrags; they deal them a serious blow at the Battle of Scoratus.

2102.05.01 - Human-Gorg battle

The first Human-Gorg battle. Captain Norbank delivers a serious blow on the Gorgs, who expect the Vardrags.

2086.07.17 - Independence of Mars

The Martian colonies declare their independence from Earth.

2090.11.21 - Battle of Phobos

The Confederate Fleet starts an operation to eliminate illegal corporate activities; finally the unified fleet of AeroSpace, OSEC, and Orbital delivers a fatal blow to it next to Phobos.

2095.01.01 - Martian War

The Mars colonies of the rival companies trade nuclear strikes, which triggers the deadly Martian War.

2096.09.03 - Alien Base

The Kissaki Syndicate discovers the base of the Creators near Pluto. They suggest that the find is a gift from a friendly alien race, to help humankind reach the stars.

2098.02.12 - Marcus Cromwell

Marcus Cromwell is shot down near Phobos.

2102.03.29 - Shukenja Beta

The Kissaki Syndicate starts its secret construction near Pluto.

Year 2105 - Kissaki Syndicate

The Kissaki Syndicate patents revolutionary new devices used in space travel.

Year 2107 - Kissaki Syndicate

The Kissaki Syndicate improves its market share from 2.5% four years ago, to 28% at present, in its development of devices related to space shipping. They build their first battleship, the Kensai. The technological details of the vessel are classified; the Kensai is not introduced on the civilian market.

2108.12.06 - Marcus Cromwell

The rescue cabin of Marcus Cromwell is found and he is revived.

2111.09.03 - Marcus Cromwell

Marcus Cromwell leaves for his new base in Sector Jupiter.