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Recommended Loadout

-[ Angelwing ]-

Add 1x Sickle Gunboat (replace a squadron if you have to), swap out 2x Electron Cell with 2x Plasma Cell and swap out your Sensor Array for an Advanced Sensor Array.

-[ Brutus ]-

Swap 1x Energy Shell for 1x Bubble Energy Shell

-[ Sparta ]-

Swap 2x Energy Shell for 2x Bubble Energy Shell

I'm going to be honest with you, this mission can be absolutely horrible. It's not exactly the hardest mission, in terms of firepower, but so much can go wrong so quick. From restart to restart, things will change. The strategy I'm going to give you I have tried repeatedly, with success each and every time. It took me several (on the order of 15 or more) play-throughs of this mission to figure out the best strategy.

We start out all alone with a bunch of enemy ships running around. Where is everybody?!! Anyway, first thing to do is PAUSE. Then, hit the Stealth behavior button so your ship cloaks.

Now, examine the ships around you. Some are patrolling while others are just sitting there. Right next to you is a destroyed ship, the Plague. Besides that, there are only two other ships you need to worry about. The Bleeder (some 47k away) and the Barbarian (battleship next to the Titan). Neither of these ships move (two are dead already), but we're going to use all three for navigation.

First and foremost, you absolutely must pay attention to your distance to other ships for the time being. Do not get closer than 7k to another ship, or you will be detected and fired on, and without shields, their weapons HURT. When you mouse over a ship you'll see the distance (i.e.: 47000, 7000. 7k = 7000).

Okay, so we're paused and cloaked, right? Select the Titan base, then the Support tab (in the device view) and click the IP Blocker so it's flashing.

Find the Bleeder and have the Angelwing go to it. Watch your distance to the battleship Barbarian. When you get within 12k of the Barbarian, have the Angelwing go to the Titan base. STOP (hold position) when you are 10k away from the Titan base. Launch your Sickle Gunboats at the Titan base, then have the Angelwing go to the Plague (back where we started). Your gunboats should disable the IP Blocker and your fleet will jump in. But don't jump for joy yet, it's far from over and things will get worse.

Immediately have the Sparta and Brutus start attacking the closest ship to them. Move the Angelwing in, drop cloak (set behavior to aggressive) and help out the Sparta and Brutus. Now with these three ships, start mopping up all the ships outside of the Titan's Fortress Shield.

At this point, several things can happen. If you're lucky, you'll draw the enemy ships that are inside the Fortress Shield to the outside of it where you can proceed to blow them to bits. Otherwise you're going to have to wait for the Fortress Shield to drop.

Now... you're gonna get some talk that the Balthasar was seriously hit and you'll get control of the entire fleet. Hopefully at this point the Fortress Shield is down. If not, stop whatever you're doing and have ALL ships use the Attack Shields command on the Titan base until the shield drops. Once it does, PAUSE THE GAME.

Alright. Two things have to happen now. If you managed to destroy all the Gorg ships running around, your job is easier. Otherwise, here's what you do. Make sure the Fort Shield device is flashing in the Titans device view and nothing else is. Send out all of your fighters to attack the Titan. With your fleet, kill off all the Gorg ships.

If the Fort Shield comes back up, since your fighters are already inside, they should be able to knock it down, otherwise use Attack Shields and take it down. If any ships of yours get stuck inside the Fort Shield, have them attack the hull of the Titan.

Once all enemy ships are dead, start attacking the hull of the Titan with everything you have. Keep your badly damaged and smaller ships away from it as the Titan packs quite a punch. Also, you don't want them caught in the shockwave from the explosion.

If all goes well, you'll complete the mission and get a cutscene.