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uPlayBink (movie, event);

This starts playback of the cutscenes you'll see between episodes in the singleplayer campaign of the game. These cutscenes are of Bink format and are named 'nexus_01.dat', 'nexus_02.dat', etc. The first parameter takes the movie's name, while the last parameter is an event, you'd like to execute after the movie has finished. The campaign movie's are all named '01', '02', etc., according to their respective filenames.

Playing custom cutscenes

You can actually use this command during missions as well and you can even play your own cutscenes. Here is how to do it:

  1. Save a Bink movie in the Nexus install folder and name it 'nexus_XXX.dat', where XXX can be anything (e.g. '99', 'MyMovie', etc.)
  2. put uPlayBink("XXX", 0) somewhere in your mission or campaign script

Optional: you can include custom subtitles as well. Create an appropriately formatted text file and save it as universe\texts\MOVIES\XXX.ini

And that's it. You should also hide the HUD beforehand or it'll be shown during the movie's playback.

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