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About me

My name is Mario Fritsch and I'm from Germany, though I usually go by the name Arparso, when browsing or interacting with the World Wide Web. I'm actually a big Nexus fan and have been following its development since the very early days, when the game was still called Imperium Galactica III. Seems like ages ago...


I created this Wiki to help the remaining community gather its knowledge about the game, game strategies and - of course - mods and tips and tricks about modding the game. Nexus is very modifiable and allows for surprisingly drastic changes to its gameplay mechanics, but the supplied modding documentation is very much lacking in several areas. This Wiki is supposed to help in that area, collecting best practices, advices and modding tutorials, however short or long they may be. Of course there's also room for strategy guides, walkthroughs or whatever else you may come up with.

Nexus Skirmisher

main article: Nexus Skirmisher

Shortly after the game's release the lack of a real Skirmish mode became very apparant. Wether Mithis Interactive wasn't able to create it in time for the game's release or if they never intended to, remains a mystery. So I - being the amateurish hobby-programmer I am - created the Nexus Skirmisher, a small application designed to allow the creation of skirmish missions against the AI. The tool grew quickly, adding full mod support, customization options for ship loadouts and even support for multiplayer missions.

It's quite old now and has never been finished. There still are a few bugs present and overall the tool is pretty ugly and unintuitive to use. I'll probably be creating a completely new version soon, although I really can't give an estimate release date.